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Some helpful tips for your computer

Of course, it’s not just your operating system slowing things down. Some computer habits and other apps and systems could be contributing to an overall sluggish experience. Here is a few more tips how to speed up your PC:
• Keep your computer clean: This may sound obvious, but accumulated dust and grime can actually slow down your computer. Physically cleaning your computer regularly could help speed it up and prevent overheating. So, if you really want to speed up computer, you need to clean it at least once in a month.
• Remove unused browser extensions: These can slow down your browsing experience so it’s worth doing some regular housekeeping there.
• Use a memory-saving extension: Speaking of extensions, there are some popular options including Auto Tab Discard and New Tab Suspender which will reduce the memory footprint of open tabs.
• Restart regularly: Sometimes all you need is a fresh boot. Restarting your computer can enable updates to take effect and shut down stuck programs. When you’re taking a break, it could be a good time to hit restart while you go and make yourself a cuppa.
• Run fewer simultaneous programs: Just like multitasking can be detrimental to our productivity, running lots of programs simultaneously can dampen your computer’s speed. Make a habit of closing programs instead of just minimizing them and you should see some improvement.
• Reinstall the operating system: If you’ve tried everything and you’re still running into problems, a last resort might be to use a fresh install of Windows. That would increase PC Speed, because your system would be fresh, without any trash.
Keeping things running smoothly
Once you’ve cleaned up your computer by implementing some of the tips above, no doubt you’ll want to keep it running at top speed. To avoid getting frustrated with lackluster performance, it’s a good idea to schedule a monthly cleanup. Use the above list of tips as a handy checklist and you’re all set.