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We are an official company registered with our headquarters in Baghdad. The transfer is done on official accounts in Iraqi banks. You can also obtain bills, receipts and signed agreement. We have worked in the field of information technology for us for more than 7 years. We have been working with many ministries, government and charitable agencies and holding companies.
Yes, servers with a high connection speed to ensure the highest speed in downloading the site We provide you with technical support for hosting for a year, work internal and external back-up (daily - weekly - monthly) for strong protection 99.98% availability guarantee
Yes, we create a very easy and simple control panel in the Arabic language through which you can control the content of the site and add sections, products and pages.
This depends on the size of your content. Note that every website of any organization on the Internet needs an `` About Us '' page (or information to identify you) to introduce visitors to your business and products. The rest of the pages depend on the type of work you do and the design you aim to achieve. A rule of thumb, avoid overwhelming your visitors by posting too much information on each page. Also, the information is divided into understandable paragraphs and pages
The time period for implementing the project for clients generally depends on the size and design of the site. If you have a specific date to implement the project, we will work to deliver the project in the fastest time. Note that the most influential factor in delaying the delivery of the site is waiting for the customer to send the content of the site (text / images)
We guarantee any website we design and are ready to help if you encounter any problems, or if you need any modifications or additions to the site. Moreover, we can also host your website with the provision of email, website statistics and domain name registration, thus providing integrated services under one roof and simplifying the whole process for you.
If you have chosen the package included for this matter, the site will be created and designed, taking into account the search engine criteria. Note that your website must be re-evaluated to keep the site up to date with changes in the rules and search engine algorithms from time to time to be sure
For us not. Whereas, we will define and discuss all the requirements for your website, but for us not. The pricing process is done on this basis. Upon your acceptance of the agreed price, we will strictly adhere to this price, unless you change what has been agreed upon (during or after the design process or want to add other components). You simply have to answer all questions and if so, We will ensure that «work is done at reduced costs at all times. We never ask for any increase without reason, except in the case of your request to change the design with a new agreement and the written consent of the customer, and therefore there will be no surprises.
Yes, we definitely can! Sites that allow visitors to buy products are called e-commerce sites. The business team has built various e-commerce solutions. We will offer you many different options for effective and affordable e-commerce solutions
Yeah . We can redesign your website while maintaining the general style of the site, or completely redesign and change the style. We can also redesign the site and allow you to benefit from the latest technology
Yes, if you have requested the package included for this matter, as your site will continue to be defined for the most used search engines. But this definition does not necessarily mean that your site will get a high ranking in the search engine, unless the user searches for words related to the content of your website. There is a lot of work and research to be done to get a high ranking for your site in the search engines. Web Designer for You technicians have sufficient experience to use the latest technology to ensure a high SEO ranking for the optimal use of popular search engines such as Google.
Yeah! You may be provided with email for use with Outlook or any other email program. We can also provide email forwarding services, so that you can access your email from anywhere in the world without the need for Outlook or any other program.
Yes, who of us is currently dispensing with Internet sites. If you own a company, institution, or any activity, for sure, you need to create a website for your company to keep pace with the evolution of time, and this provides you and your employees with access and communication with new customers, as well as helps your customers to access your services and activities of your company easily
Programming is the matters that the site users do not see and it is related to your files on hosting, linking and processing of data and data contents on the server, and often it is in programming languages such as: Java, PHP and others, simply programming is the mastermind of websites. The design is the external structure, and the graphic works that represent the sections of your site, the banners, the choice of icons, colors, font size and display contents.
Dynamic sites: This type of site depends on software such as PHP, JSP or Ruby On Rail. Many features can be added to it, such as a control panel to add new topics and panels for the circuit and members. Static sites: These sites are of a fixed nature similar to the pdf system and depend on the two languages of html and the css is a silent site where it is not possible to participate on it nor write comments by visitors.
After communicating with us and approving your request, a timetable is made and we attach it to you and with your approval, the agreed payment is paid and work is done immediately to create your website